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Rispetto per gli altri

1 Respect for other people

Each skier must behave so as not to endanger the other persons, or cause them damage.


2 Control of speed and behavior

Each skier must hold a speed and a behavior appropriate to their ability and to the general conditions of the slopes and weather.

Padronanza della velocità e del comportamento
Scelta della direzione

3 Choice of direction

Uphill skier who, for the dominant position, has the possibility of choosing the path, should maintain a course that avoids the danger of collision with downhill skiers.


4 The overtaking

Overtaking can be done both upstream and downstream, on the right or on the left, but always at a distance to allow the evolution of the other skiers.

Il sorpasso
Attraversamento e incrocio

5 Crossing and junction

The skier that enter on a slope or through a plot of exercise, it must ensure, through visual inspection to upstream and downstream, can do so without danger to himself and others. The same behavior is to be held after each stop.


6 Stop

The skier should not stopping, except in cases of absolute necessity, on the slopes and especially in narrow passages or where visibility is not good.
In case of fall the skier must leave the slope as soon as possible.


7 Uphill

The skier that is going up on the slope must proceed only at the edges of it and is required to depart from it in case of poor visibility.
The same behavior should keep the skier that descends a slope on foot.


8 Observe traffic signs

All skiers must obey all signs of the slopes.

Rispetto della segnaletica
In caso di incidente

9 In case of accident

Everyone must be ready for rescue operations in case of an accident.


10 Identification

Anyone involved in an accident or witnessing is required to provide their personal details.


Spazio minimo per sorpasso dal bordo della pista

11 Minimum passing space from the edge of the slope

It is good practice that the skier steers away from the edge of the slope, but always leave enough space to facilitate the overtaking.


12 Trajectories

You have to pay attention to the trajectories of the skiers into account
the type of used ski, snowboard, telemark, carving fun.



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