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Safety is very important : to be aware of its rules is a part of our way of teaching.

Before any written law, the main elements for skiing safety are: respect for the other skiers and to be conscious of our own ski abilities.
Therefore, we must not only learn the techniques of skiing, but also how to behave on the slopes and how to evaluate our level in a right way.

As we ski, we should always think that we are sharing the slopes and, surely, fun with other people, who have the same right to be there as us at that time. Even if we are sure to be good skiers, we have a moral obligation to be careful not to cause danger to others while we are skiing: there are no "licenses" on the slopes, so it is right to give up those we perceive as our "rights" when they could cause an accident.
We can not expect all people on the slopes neither to be expert enough to evaluate any kind of situation nor to be able to handle them properly. If our capabilities are limited, before choosing a slope let's take informations about its characteristics , in order to be aware of its dangers and evaluate if we are good enough to go there without being dangerous for ourselves and the others.
 It 's always advisable to seek advice from a ski instructor who knows our technical and athletic level: the signs that can explain the real difficulties of a slope may not  always be enough,as for example the different snow conditions can also change a lot...

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