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The School

Carnia Ski School was founded in 1970 thanks to the idea of  Sergio De Infanti, Romeo De Crignis, Eliana Pachner and Alberto Tassotti.
The opening of Zoncolan’s ski lifts, in 1975,  created interest for both ski practice and ski school: new ski instructors Giorgio Polo, Edi Casali, Mario Da Pozzo, Leo Da Pozzo and Mirco Puntil enter the school and gave birth to Zoncolan’s ski school.
After only a decade, the desire to show how the sport of skiing had changed over the years, made possible the realization of an historical reconstruction: through the different styles of skiing practiced over time and the original equipment of the time, it illustrated the evolution of skis up to the present day.
In the early '90s, with the merge of Sauris, Sella Chianzutan, Pradibosco, Zoncolan and Tamai schools , Ski School Carnia was founded.
Here there are alpine ski, nordic ski and snowboard instructors, trainers, who are specialized in teaching to children, people with disabilities, and also teachers that can provide lessons in English, French and German.
In his staff it counts prominent personalities like Luciano De Crignis, who has been national ski instructor and also mountain guide, Riccardo De Infanti current national and international technical director of Alpine skiing federation for relational disabilities and Ermes De Crignis, previous member of the national special ski jump team.

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